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E-mail Hosting and Spam Filtering

What is E-mail hosting? E-mail hosting is using a service to maintain your e-mail account.  This is a secure path for your e-mail to flow in and out.

What are the advantages of e-mail hosting?

  • if you encounter a problem; immediate response is available to
    correct the problem
  • low out of pocket cost
  • no contract or binding term
  • a monthly fee is your only commitment

What is spam filtering? Spam mail filters are used to stop or redirect e-mail, unsolicitated e-mails, sales, viruses, and of course, scams.  Filters may also be used to control the flow of outgoing mail from employees.  Limiting a businesses exposure to unwanted sites or individuals. Filters may also be installed to prioritize incoming mail, giving priority to mail from specified sources. (internal e-mail from supervisors may be immediately opened - to ensure rapid response).


Please call for a no cost evaulation of e-mail hosting or filters