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Business Hosting

What is Business Hosting? Having your Business Technology managed by a trustworthy Business Partner. 

What is included in that service?

  • equipment usage (server)
  • data storage
  • equipment upgrades
  • automated backup
  • information is protected from theft/damage
  • maintenance is included
  • service is always available when needed
  • monthly costs are fixed
  • upfront costs are much less than independent server installation

Why do I want to consider Business hosting?

  • To control Technology expenses
  • no equipment service expenses for a server
  • automated backup of all information
  • protection from theft or damage to information
  • limited exposure of information loss (stolen laptop)
  • always having the latest technology

What will determine the cost of Business Hosting?

  • Number of Users
  • Types of service needed
  • Storage Capacity needed
  • Email system needed (Outlook, MS Exchange)
  • Secure VPN (Virtual Private Network) tunnel - HIPPA compliant
  • Others factors determined based on individual/company needs

What is not generally included in the cost of Business Hosting?

  • any specific software or hardware for your business, such as accounting software (Quickbooks, Peachtree)
  • business specfic applications (ablity to pay online)

Where do I go from here?

Call for a cost free evaluation for Business Hosting